3D animated video

Research project at London College of Communication
Sound artist: Sharon Guo
Tutor:  Charlotte Maëva Perret
Looking at the plan for future home products of big stacks such as Google, Amazon and Apple, one thing becomes clear: every electrical device in the home will be linked to the internet within a decade, everything that has a cord is going to have data in it. Aiming to bring “a smartphone sensibility to everyday objects” in the home, manufacturers and cloud service companies are providing us with a future home where smart devices are increasingly talking to each other bypassing us in order to serve human better.

Welcome Home is a 3D animated speculative scenario looking at the future relationship between human and smart home devices. Applying Object-Oriented Ontology, the video aims to challenge the anthropocentric narrative by taking objects as storytellers. Through the juxtaposition between an emotional narrative with a reductive aesthetic, the video envisioned a future home where smart devices are not only talking to each other but also trying to interpret the human needs and come up with solutions. How to define our home with all these dreams and concerns? A data centre, a residence of the ‘internet of things’, a laboratory of machine learning, a means of promoting branded technologies. Welcome to your future home.


基于这样的背景,Welcome Home是一个着眼于探讨人类与智能家电之间的未来关系的3D动画。基于以物为导向的存在论(Object-Oriented Ontology),影片将设备作为故事的讲述者,以此挑战以人类为中心的叙事手法。通过将感性的叙事与克制诗意的美感相结合,影片构想了一个未来的家。在这里,智能设备不仅拥有自己的视角,可以互相交流,而且会尝试推测人类的需求并不断提出解决方案。当智能家居集所有我们对智能的期待与对监控的担忧于一身时,我们该怎样定义这样一个居所?它也许会变成一个数据中心,“物联网”的住所,机器学习的实验室,品牌推广的小市场。欢迎来到未来的家。

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