book, editorial

Research project at London College of Communication
Instructor:  Carlos Romo Melgar
Speculative design is a discursive practice based on critical thinking and dialogue, which questions the practice of design (and its modernist definition). To better understand this approach, I edited and designed Speculative Thinking as my reference book, a collection of secondary research including reading notes, interview, dialogue and practice review for my major project during the third term of study at LCC. 


「思辨设计」(speculative design)是以未来想象为导向的一种设计方法,致力于通过想象与科幻叙事来创造新的美学,同时促进对当下的批判与反思。为了更好得开展视觉调研,我对该领域内的文章、项目、采访、对谈等进行泛读、整理,集合成了这本「思辨思维」作为个人学习参考。

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