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Personal project
Parkett, a leading magazine that offers deep dive into practices of contemporary artists, will bring the publication of the printed art magazine to the end. Fortunately, Parkett edition will remain fully documented online and the editorial team is seeking transition from print magazine to online magazine. However, their website seems to be a little bit out-dated, so here comes my task to redesign its website thus enhance the brand image.


当代艺术杂志Parkett于2017年初宣布停刊。杂志的联合创始人比奇·库里格(Bice Curiger)、贾奎琳·布尔科哈特(Jacqueline Burckhardt)和迪艾特·冯·格拉分瑞德(Dieter von Graffenried)将杂志停刊的原因主要归为“我们这个数字时代所带来的阅读行为之变化”。幸运的是,他们的网刊仍将继续运营,但过时的品牌、网页设计无疑将削弱Parkett的美学影响力,因此我重新设计了品牌标识和5个主页面,作为个人对网页设计的尝试与练习。

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